If you are intrigued by the possibility of creating and living with a religious sense of meaning without having to ground it on God or any kind of transcendental being then this website may be of interest you. 


My purpose in developing a secular sense of the sacred is, through the use of reason and imagination, to anchor moral action in the fundamental universals of life without needing to draw on a God.


Following the decline of religions and ideologies during the twentieth century, political narratives and religious worldviews have failed to offer meaningful redemption from human suffering. This has led to a chronic scepticism towards any universalistic moral claims. But a denial of religion’s transcendent claims does not reduce us to a range of world views that have nothing in common.


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This leads me to a re-appreciation of the role of religion. Whilst I firmly see myself as humanist, secularist and rationalist it is not tenable for people within such a tradition to engage in a haughty dismissal of religion or religious believers. I approach humanism from a new direction.


Religions still articulate an approach to such fundamental issues as loss, suffering and death which fail to find an adequate response in rationalist cultures. I seek to ‘translate’ such religious concepts as  consolation, the Kingdom of God, the sacred, redemption and sin into a secular framework that acts like a pragmatic sacred that can inspire moral motivation.


Nevertheless even a rational sense of a secular sacred is still an insufficient source of moral motivation. I suggest a new and mindful way of creating narratives and stories, which, like myths, have a moral message. The rich symbolic texture of myths can be a powerful means of encouraging people to engage in an identification with the values enshrined in the secular sacred.


I hope that you enjoy this website.


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